Update 2-8-18

Hello Konstant Krafters Fans!
Yesterday, I (Tabitha Reno) owner of KK arrived at the warehouse of KK. The fabric storage and shipping was moved after the fire to Wichita, KS (about 4 hours from my home.) I plan to be down here to organize a stocking of all previous rounds of fabric from fall 2017 that have not been listed. We are hoping to have all items listed this weekend.
PLEASE check your email if you have an order affected by the bad rounds. We have sent messages with updates, options and have only received a few back.
Those that were regrettably affected by the rounds of PUL that delaminated and have graciously asked for credits will be given first chance to order. We plan to open up the website for those 24 hours BEFORE our public stocking allowing first choice of the prints.
 As well as prebuy cost on retail prints for these clients. Therefore if you bought 1 meter in the prebuy you will be able to purchase one meter retail for the same price. Emails will be sent to those listed on the orders affected and to those on our main email list once we have dates and times for stocking, once all products have been listed!
In addition to this we will be having a final sale on the Fire Fabric and it will not be listed on the new website.
 After we stock and ship all orders ASAP we will be sending any remaining requested refunds.
Once the final refunds go out we will be reorganizing and switching to a new website platform. This has been in the works for some time but will finally be done next week. Please download any purchase history ASAP. We will be downloading and backing up as much as possible but some items will not transfer well. Such as credits. We will have to manually apply those.
Today we received our first round of samples from a new printer. So far we are VERY pleased with these samples.
We do not plan to open ANY prebuys moving forward. We will be going to a retail only with the new website :-)
Tabitha~Owner of Konstant Krafters