Small Batch Custom Printings

Small Batch Private Printings
If you would like new art printed just for you or a small group of your choosing, this is what you need to know. Exclusive prints are not sold to the general public for 6 months from the shipping date. Each new print will include a diaper cut sample of unlaminated pul for the client or team leader before invoicing for bulk fabric (sample is included in deposit price.) Any remaining samples will be distributed to other KK strikeoff seamstresses for example photos to be released when print is released from 6 months.

Prices for new art KK purchases from stock site:
3.5 meters ordered: $30/meter
5-9 meters ordered: $25/meter
10-14 meters ordered: $17.99/meter
15-19 meters ordered: $16.99/meter
20 or more meters ordered: $15.99/meter
Add $1 per cut for 20"xFW

If you would like to suggest a new print for voting within main group and do not wish to keep it exclusive to you and/or your private group for 6 months use our "Client Suggested Print" form and we will vote on your print for the main prebuy with lower pricing at $15.99/meter.

If fabric is reprinted in future post 6 months it will be sold at regular prebuy or retail starting at $15.99/meter.
Cotton Spandex Knit:

Client or team leader will get a Fat Quarter cut of this print on our cotton spandex base. The rest of the sample will be sent to other seamstresses for example photos.
Prices for New Art:
8-14 meters: $27/meter
15-19 meters: $20.99/meter
20 meters or more $18.99/meter
Non refundable deposit to begin private printing process of $60. This amount will be credited to your order when fabric goes to print.

We carefully check over art before submitting print for sample/strike off. If a second sample needs to be ordered due to the first being refused by client and additional $15 Fee will be charged and is not credited back.

Discount available if you provide your own non stock art.

You will have the option to purchase any overprints. If you choose not to, KK will use the remaining overprints for Giveaway/Promotions or subscription surprise boxes.

Original private design overprints must be purchased by client and original order must be in 5 meter increments.