SECONDS PUL Light House Nautical Sold By The 20" x 48" Width

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SECONDS PUL Light House Nautical Sold By The 20" x 48" Width


This item is designated as seconds quality due to damage to the fabric and laminate along one edge.  The fabric has a crease on one side, and was stretched over a folded strip of excess fabric along one edge, and as a result there is a bubbly or wavy appearance to the fabric and the laminate may be damaged as well.  The average usable width of this fabric is about 48".


  CPSIA Compliant

PUL is sold by the 20"x 48". 2 or more cuts will be continuous!!!

One cut is $9.99, each additional cut of the same listing is only $6.99 (2 cut equaling 40"xFW $13.98, 3 cuts equaling 60" x FW continuous fabric for $20.97, etc)

 Full width of first-quality fabric is approximately 56-58". Fabric that is 55" or more without flaws will be considered 1st quality. Flaws such as dirt, small lamination creases, or ink smudges along selvage may occur and will only be considered a second if it extends into print reducing the issue free size of the fabric to LESS than 55" width.

Please note that colors on your screen may vary from those in hand on fabric.  

 Material: 1 mil poly PUL

What is Poly PUL?

A 100% Polyester knit interlock laminated with polyurethane film. The polyurathane or PUL is a waterproof yet breathable layer applied to the back of the fabric. Many thicknesses are available. The most common is 1 mil thick film as it still allows stretch and a subtile fabric while still being waterproof. PUL was originally designed to be used in the medical field to replace disposable products. Due to the original intent of PUL holds up very well with the extreme amount of repeated washing's cloth diapers require.

  What is PUL used for?

 -Reusable Diapers (baby, adult, animal, etc)
-Waterproof diaper pail liners
-Waterproof mattress pads
-Ladies hygiene products (reusable maxi pads)
-Changing pads

 How is  PUL sewn?

 -Always use a ballpoint needle (sharp needles will create large holes and most likely leak)

 -Always use 100% Polyester thread (cotton thread will wick moisture and cause leaking)

 We suggest using a walking foot for sewing on PUL. In lieu of a walking foot, however, one can use tissue paper in between the feed dogs and PUL

 -PUL is 100% Polyester and will not shrink, no need to prewash

  CPSIA Compliant

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