Fire Sale Fabric Sample Order form

Order your PUL Sample of the "Fire Sale" fabric


To order your sample simply click on the link above and you will be taken to the PayPal screen to complete your payment details for $1 and we will mail your sample out First Class mail ASAP.

Possible fire damage: Staining from soot, smoke smell, water damage, mildew spots, & heat damage, which may be permanent. Fabrics may also have been exposed to animals, pollen's, and insects during storage immediately after the fire and during transportation.

 See below photos of some of the fabric including Before and After photos of washed fabric. The fabric is all selling as is and NO RETURNS of any kind will be offered. Please order your sample below for only $1 to cover PayPal fee and stamp. 

Fabric was stored in the lower level of our home. The lower level did NOT actually burn. Thick insulated floors and stairs outside the home itself kept the fire contained to our personal possessions. The damage was caused from the incredible amount of water that was used to put the fire out on March 16th, 2017. The water leaked through the floor and onto "Some" of the fabric. Not all fabric actually got wet. The wet fabric was then removed on March 17th the following day and put in the sun to dry. We were blessed to not have any rain for an entire week following the fire. The fabric was then stored in a temporary barn where it was kept dry until such time as it was moved to Wichita where our shipping operation now takes place. 

In Wichita it was unrolled and inspected further and any severely damaged  fabric was removed. The fabric will be sold from the inside roll out.  The center that had the least amount of exposure to the soot water was then rolled last and will be cut and sold first.

 Fabric will be discounted and the percentage will continue to drop. We do not not have a planned schedule at this time for this. It will be random and many prints have 5 or less meters available. We suggest purchasing early on to get the best fabric available and make sure to secure the prints you have been wanting to add to your collection!

Below is photo of some of the damage you may see. Most damage is near the salvage edge and/or the outside edge that will be sold last.





Before and After a simple wash.

This is one of the worst cuts of fabric from all 1,000+ meters we had in-stock. Any fabric with this amount of damage will have additional disclosure on the title. 




March 16th, 2017

The day our world turned upside down for a short time! Praise the Lord no one was hurt and we only lost material possessions!




To view the video of the inside of our home from the living room click on this text!

We (the Reno's) want to extend a HUGE Thank you to all those that have sent care packages, messages, and prayers. Each one was appreciated very much. There have been many wonderful blessings come from the ashes.