Double Brushed Polyester Red Realistic Roses 30" x Fabric Width

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Double Brushed Polyester Red Realistic Roses 30" x Fabric Width

This cut is 30" long by full fabric width.

Fabric is digitally printed on double brushed polyester knit fabric. Fabric is 96% polyester 4% spandex.  Width is approx 56-58". Fabric that is 54" or more will be considered 1st.

 Please note that colors on your screen may vary from those in hand on fabric. Also slight imperfections may occur on the sides of the print as well as small flaws or errors. Anything that can be covered with a quarter will not be disclosed and yardage will be shipped.  

Preorder Specs:

  • Expect 8-14 weeks for delivery
  • Shipping is available worldwide. Shipping cost will be calculated based on actual weight of fabric and paid at checkout. If the price seems high please contact us to and we can pull a manual quote.
  • If you purchase an in stock item and purchase a Preorder item your entire order will be held until it can be shipped together. 
  • On the rare occasion the entire roll of this print comes damaged/flawed we will contact you with available options.
  • This Pre-Buy print is not limited. However, only a small amount will be printed over Pre-bought yardage for store retail.

  CPSIA Compliant

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