Client Suggested Prints

Client suggested Prints

Gauging prints: we will vote on theme prior and then have a google submission form. Each member can submit 1 prints per round. All approved prints (we will check for repeats, and other such issues) will be posted in a thread with emoji and comments voting!

We will pull the top voted prints for the round. Approximately, 10 total prints will run each round.

PUL Price per meter will be a flat $15.99/meter or $8.99/20"xFW

Cotton Knit Price per meter will be a flat $18.99/meter or $10.99/Fat Half

Preferred places to get seamless art is Vectorstock or dreamstime. Some prints on Etsy will work if we can acquire licensing AND they are seamless. If you have found another stock art company please message the page to check. We do not buy from all stock art companies for various reasons.