About us

Hello. I'm Tabitha Reno. I want to take a moment for you to have a chance to learn more about me, and Konstant Krafters. I will start with a little history of how we started out.

In 2009 I started at a local farmers market. I sold yeast breads, cinnamon rolls, and fruit pies, completely home made. Kim joined me in 2010 selling beverages, quick breads, jam preserves,  and spiced nuts.

On June 22, 2011 Kim Marr and I launched the Etsy store as our first online business platform. Konstant Krafters started as a diaper business in 2011. After a while, I started selling diaper cuts of fabric. The fabric part of the business took off. So I decided that it would be a better use of time and a smart business choice to focus on selling PUL fabric. A short time after starting the business, Kim and her family needed to move to Texas, very far away from Leavenworth KS. Kim then started her own fabric business and we always kept in touch through phone calls and Facebook.

After awhile of selling on Etsy, I decided to try working through a Facebook Group and began offering custom PUL printings. This has continued to be a wonderful choice for Konstant Krafters.

In 2014 the business had to slow down a bit due to my second pregnancy. This choice allowed me to have a healthy pregnancy. Praise the Lord! However, I was limited how much I was able to do. After my maternity leave I decided to put custom fabric printing into HIGH gear, which brings us to 2015. Kim came back on board in 2015 as we were preparing to launch the new website. Kim still lives very far away in Texas. Therefore, Kim works online managing social media.  This was good timing for her as she decided to close her own business due to unforeseen circumstances.

This business is an important part of my life because it provides for my family and allows me to be at home with my children. I am blessed to be able to have this successful business. It also allows me to monitor my type 1 insulin dependent Diabetes and take care of my health in a way that traditional jobs would not allow. I also have some trouble with driving due to the diabetes and other health factors. During the summer of 2015 Tabitha's husbands (Jeremy) health had declined and it was time to make a carreer change. Mr. Krafter is now manager of the business and does in house graphics as well as any other job that needs done while Tabitha works in the studio, these task include such items as: cleaning, entertaining the children, cutting orders, designing new prints, managing the books, etc.) Konstant Krafters is truly a family owned and ran business.

Konstant Krafters means a lot to Kim as it allows her to support her family financially and still be at home with her daughter. This provides her with great flexibility to meet her families needs.

Kim and I all have various experiences selling and providing customer service. These include point of sale, MLM,  customer service. We combine our skills and talents to help Konstant Krafters be the best it can be. As we all have different backgrounds and experiences we are able to communicate different points of view that help us serve our customers in a more efficient way.

 Whether you are a WAHM, work at home person, homemaker, or working parent,  Konstant Krafters strives to “Kreate” quality fabric to meet your family and business needs


We love what we do,  and love that you are a part of Konstant Krafters thank you for supporting a small business!