17.10.2 Prebuy

Prebuy is CLOSED and in production.

To order prints click on the link and COMMENT on the photo with pricing.

Other photo showing scale and close ups will be in album:

PUL $8.99/20"x FW $15.50/meter

Cotton Spandex Knit $9.99/Fat Half $17.99/meter

Double Brushed Poly and Cotton Woven $9.99 Fat Half $16.99/meter

Planned Close is November 6th, invoices due Nov 10th. Please ask any questions. We will record orders on a spreadsheet from comments or email us your list.

Next week we will be adding PUL and Cotton Knit ONLY 17.10.2 prints to our website if you would prefer to wait and order and pay immediately. Please make sure you have an account on the website!